Taxi Accident Compensation Claims

Most people will have used taxis at some time or another, when their own car is damaged, when they are going out for the evening and want to have a few drinks or often as their day to day mode of transport. However there is always a small risk that you will end up sustaining a personal injury as a result of an accident that happened whilst you were a passenger in a taxi.

The vast majority of taxi drivers are experienced drivers, but the nature of their jobs means that they often work long shifts and may not have the time to take breaks between fares. This puts them at greater risk of driver fatigue, which decreases awareness and lowers reaction speeds. Also, as they spend longer on the road than the average driver, they are more likely to be involved in an accident on the road.

If you have suffered a personal injury when you were a passenger in a taxi, even if the driver of the taxi was the one responsible for causing the accident, then Faith King Solicitors will be able to help you to recover the personal injury compensation you deserve. All our claims are made against the insurance policies of the taxi drivers, their employers, or the insurance policy of the motorist who caused the accident. By making a taxi accident compensation claim with Faith King Solicitors you will not be taking money from the taxi driver themselves.