MOJ Reform Guide

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) claims process for RTA injury cases under £10,000 as from 30th April 2010

This compulsory new process will affect the way in which RTA injury cases are handled.

Where the accident date is on or after 30th April 2010 all initial claim details MUST be sent to the defendant insurers using a standard Claim Notification Form (CNF) via the on-line portal.

Faith King Solicitors have worked prepared for these major changes in conjunction with our RTA and IT departments. This will enables our introducers to proceed with this transition as easily and professionally as possible to ensure that we are able to continue to provide excellent service levels to our clients from the outset.

We are already starting to see a positive impact on the way insurers are handling the claims as a result of the introduction of the new Claims Process as the timescales to settlement is reduced for simpler claims.

New Claims

To make the new process as easy as possible to manage we have created an electronic version of the new MOJ Claim Notification Form.

There are a couple of simple steps that you will need to follow to submit your instructions to us using the new form.

The first step is to download the form from our website using this link. If you wish to be able to send the form to us via email, you will first need to save a master copy onto your hard drive/USB storage. Click on the form and key in the information requested into the relevant boxes. If necessary, the form can be printed and completed in pen; however, handwritten forms will take longer to process and input into our system. Once the form is completed, it can be emailed directly to us using the following email address

Alternatively, you can print off the form and fax it to us on 01282 416282 or, if you prefer, you can scan or post the document. A copy of the form should be saved using your client name or reference for future ease of access and identification. If you have any technical queries, or issues regarding the downloading or completion of the forms, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01282 410786 or by email at