Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

If you've been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn't your fault then we can help you claim compensation for your injuries.

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Non-fault motorcycle accident claims

Faith King Solicitors are experts in fighting for the maximum personal injures compensation for motorcyclists who were involved in road accidents. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault then Faith King Solicitors can help you to pursue a motorcycle compensation claim.

Compared with other vehicles, motorbikes are more prone to skidding, particularly on slippery road surfaces such as mud, ice or oil. In a motorcycle accident a motorbike accident claim can usually be made either against the person or organisation responsible for the spillage, or against the local authority or highways agency whose responsibility it is to maintain the roads.

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk from injuries if they are involved in an accident as they are more exposed and have less protection than other motorists. This lack of protection in the form of features such as seatbelts and headrests has contributed to the higher rates of injuries and fatalities amongst motorcyclists compared with any other group of road users. Although motorcyclists represent only 1% of traffic on the UK's roads, they account for 19% of the deaths and serious accidents reported each year.

Motorcycle accident compensation details

Here are some examples of financial losses we can recover as part of your motorcycle accident compensation:

  • Loss of earnings caused by damage to your motorbike at the time of the accident. This can include loss of overtime pay and any bonuses you might have been eligible to receive had you been in work.
  • The cost of hiring a replacement motorcycle whilst your own vehicle is being repaired, we can offer a like for like replacement vehicle for as long as your motorcycle is off the road.
  • Damage caused to your motorbike helmet, your leathers or any other items of clothing or valuables involved in the accident.
  • You may well be able to claim for the cost of any private medical or operations you require as a result of your accident. We can also arrange a free physiotherapy service to help with your recovery.

Speak to one of our specialist motorcycle compensation advisors about making a claim for personal injuries compensation. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident on the road which was not your fault, call Faith King Solicitors today.