Introducers & Referrals

Introducers & Referrals

Faith King Solicitors welcome enquiries from individuals and organisations that are committed to providing quality accident management services in accordance with the Ministry of Justice guidelines. We aim to develop a lasting relationship with introducers who have a track record of providing independent professional accident management services and promoting the best interests of the claimant.

We have vast experience of working with the Accident Management Industry at all levels. We understand the needs of our Introducers and we are also committed to promoting the interests of our Clients.

We get the right results for our clients. Our clients become impressed - not only with us but also with you for introducing them to us.

If you are looking for a specialist legal service to impress your clients then call Faith King Solicitors today on 01282 410786 and speak to our Business Development Manager to discuss our terms of business.

The new Ministry of Justice (MOJ) claims process for all RTA cases under £10,000 as from 30th April 2010

This compulsory new process affects the way in which all RTA cases are handled.

This new process has impacted not only on us as solicitors but also on introducers and sets out how RTA claims are to be processed post an accident date of 30th April 2010. All initial claim details MUST be sent to the defendant insurers using a standard Claim Notification Form (CNF).

Faith King Solicitors have worked very hard to prepare for these major changes in conjunction with our RTA and IT departments. This has enabled our introducers to proceed with this transition as easily and professionally as possible and we have made sure that we are able to provide a seamless and excellent quality service level to our clients and introducers from the outset.

We do not see these changes as any cause for major concern and indeed they will also hopefully prove to be beneficial to established and professional introducers who share our aim of promoting the interests of accident victims.